Sustainable Packaging - Reduce The Size of Your Bulk Bags

Posted by Don Mackrill on Mon, Apr, 27, 2009 @ 17:04 PM

Looking for ways to improve the sustainability of your bulk bags?

How about reducing their size?

How do you do that?

Do a better job of densifying your product so that it takes less volume for a given weight... and use a shorter bag!

Ideally, the product you put in your bulk bag should be at its maximum packed bulk density when it leaves your bulk bag filler.  If it's not you are using a larger bulk bag than necessary and, more importantly, it may not be safe.

Not all bulk bag fillers do the same job when it comes to compacting or densifying your product.

At Control and Metering we use a 'rule of thumb' that for every 10% you can reduce the height of your bulk bag, the cost reduces by 5%.

So if you can do a better job of densifying your product while it's being filled you're not only lowering your packaging costs you're also improving your packaging sustainability.

A VERY nice win-win!

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