Bulk Bag Conditioner

Do you receive ingredient that must be broken up before it will reliably discharge from its bulk bag?Bulk Bag Conditioner

Do you have to ram your bulk bags into a wall or hit them with a pipe to break up the ingredient?

Our Bulk Bag Conditioner easily and effectively breaks up solid ingredient contained within bulk bags.

Squeezes Bulk Bag Easily
The Bulk Bag Conditioner requires only 1 - 3 squeezes to do its job. Simply move the bulk bag between the horizontal poles (with a forklift, hoist or automatically using motorized conveyors) and actuate the hydraulic drive mechanism to quickly and efficiently break up the solid ingredient.

Key Advantage - Bulk Bag Conditioner with Small Footprint
The Bag Squeezer can be located conveniently next to the area where bulk bags are emptied or near incoming storage. Its small footprint ensures that the least amount of valuable floor space is used.

Manual or Automated Bulk Bag Pre-Conditioning

The Bulk Bag Conditioner can be configured to meet your operational needs:Bulk bag squeezer side view

Fixed mast, manual operation:  Either a forklift or hoist is required to move the bulk bag into the bulk bag conditioner.  The bag is then raised or lowered between each squeeze to ensure complete break up of the solid ingredient.  The hydraulic drive system is controlled with the included manual lever switches.

Moveable mast, manual operation:  In this configuration the poles move up and down along the mast.  That means that the bag remains stationary within the conditioner and the poles move to provide full coverage.

Moveable mast, automated:  The Bulk Bag Conditioner can be automated such that a bulk bag is placed on a motorized roller conveyor, automatically feed into the Conditioner, conditioned and automatically removed from the Conditioner for pickup by a forklift or hoist.  The automated sequence can be initiated by a forklift operator without having to leave the truck.

Bulk Bag Discharger & Bulk Bag Conditioner Integration 

The Bulk Bag Conditioner can be integrated into the support framework of a bulk bag discharger.

Bulk Bag Conditioner Specifications

Inside Pole Clearance:  21" min, 63" max.

Clamping Force:  Up to 2,900 psi

Materials of Construction:  Mild steel
Standard Finish:  The bag conditioner mechanism has powder coated finish & the support structure is enamel painted.

Hydraulic Power Pack:  5 HP, 230/460 or 575 VAC 

Hydraulic Pump:  5 GPM

10 gallon reservoir tank with in-line filter, adjustable relief pressure gauge, oil level sight glass, temperature gauge.

Manual Controls:  2 spool control valves with single pressure relief valve and gauge on pole circuit.

Hydraulic hoses included with reusable fittings.